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Commercial Sewer Services

Commercial customers are defined as any property owned to produce income, such as, office buildings, industrial property, medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, apartments, trailer parks, etc.

What’s Involved in Connecting a New Service?

An application for service should be filed and all connection fees must be paid prior to the installation of any new sanitary sewer line. These fees are collected at the time the application is completed. A plumber’s permit cannot be issued until verification of a current bond is made and fees are paid.

Commercial Connection Fees

Below is the current schedule of connection fees to be paid. Please note these fees are subject to change. Please contact our offices at (803)788-1570 EXT 6008 with further questions.

Tap Fee: $500.00
Inspection/Permit Fee: $50.00
New Grease Trap Inspection: $150.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Capacity Fee: see below


Schools w/o Cafeteria, gym, showers –  $675.00 per commode/urinal
Schools with cafeteria only – $1,000.00 per commode/urinal
Schools with Cafeteria, gym, showers – $1,350.00 per commode/urinal
Churches – $675.00 per commode/urinal


General – $2,550.00 per commode/urinal
Laundromats – $2,550.00 per commode/urinal, plus $1,575.00 per washer
Restaurants – $2,550.00 per commode/urinal, plus $150.00 per seating capacity
Service station – $2,550.00 per commode/urinal, plus $1,575.00 per wash bay
Hotel/Motel – $375.00 per unit/bedroom
Hospital – $775.00 per bed

Current Commercial Monthly Rates

Commercial rates are determined by Residential Equivalent Units (REU). The current monthly charge for residential customers is $27.00/REU, therefore the commercial rate is derived by using the REU equivalent for each establishment type.



Per Employee – $0.68
Per Passenger – $0.34

Apartments, Condos, Mobile Homes

Per Unit – $27.00

Assembly Halls

Per Seat – $0.34

Barber Shop

Per Employee – $0.68
Per Chair – $6.75

Bars, Taverns

Per Seat, excluding Restaurant – $2.70

Beauty Shop

Per Employee – $0.68
Per Chair – $8.44

Boarding House, Dormitory

Per Resident – $3.38

Bowling Alley

Per Employee – $0.68
Per Lane, No Restaurant, Bar or Lounge – $8.44


Resort, Luxury (Per Person) – $6.75
Summer (Per Person) – $3.38
Day, With Central Bath House – $2.36
Travel Trailer (Per Site) – $11.81

Car Wash

Per Car Washed (12 Ca /hr) – $5.06


Per Seat – $0.20

Clinics, Doctor’s Office

Per Employee – $1.01
Per Patient (exam rooms x 4/hr) – $0.34

Country Club, Fitness Center, Spa

Per Member (10% of membership) – $3.38

Dentist Office

Per Employee – $1.01
Per Chair – $0.54

Factories, Industries

Per Employee – $1.69
Per Employee, with Showers – $2.36
Per Employee, with Kitchen Facilities – $2.70
Per Employee, with Showers and Kitchen – $3.04


Average Attendance, Per Person – $0.34

Grocery Stores

Per 1,000 Sq. Ft., No Restaurant – $13.50


Per Resident Staff – $6.75
Per Bed – $13.50


Per Bedroom, No Restaurant – $6.75
Banquest/Meeting Rooms, Per Person (10% of capacity) – $2.70


Per Resident – $6.75


Self Service, Per Machine – $27.00


Per Slip – $2.03

Mobile Homes

Per Unit – $27.00


Per Unit, No Restaurant – $6.75

Nursing Homes

Per Bed – $6.75
Per Bed, with Laundry – $10.13

Offices, Small Stores, Business, Administration Buildings

Per Person, No Restaurant – $1.69

Picnic Parks

Average Attendance, Per Person – $0.68


Per Employee – $1.01
Per Inmate – $8.44

Rest Areas

Per Person – $0.34
Per Person, with Showers – $0.68

Rest Homes

Per Bed – $6.75
Per Bed, with Laundry – $10.13


Fast Food Type, not 24 Hours, Per Seat – $2.70
24 Hour Restaurant, Per Seat – $4.73
Drive-In, Per Car Served – $2.70
(0.25 Ca/hr/bay; 2 Se = 1 bay)
Vending Machine, Walk-up, Take-Out – $2.70
Per Person (5/hr w/o Se (12 or less); 1/hr with Se (13 or more))

Schools, Day Care

Per Person – $0.68
Per Person, with Cafeteria – $1.01
Per Person, with Cafeteria, Gym and Showers – $1.35

Service Stations

Per Employee – $0.68
Per Car Served (12 Ca/pump; 8 Ca/bay) – $0.68
Car Wash, Per Car Washed (2 Ca/bay) – $5.06
Food Service, Take Out, Per Car Served (2 Ca/pump) – $2.70

Shopping Centers, Large Department Stores, Malls

Per 1,000 Sq. Ft., No Restaurant – $13.50

Stadiums, Coliseums

Per Seat, No Restaurant – $0.34

Swimming Pools

Per Person, with Rest Rooms and Showers – $0.68


Indoor, Per Seat – $0.34
Drive-In, Per Stall – $0.34

Other Fees

  • RETURN CHECK CHARGE As authorized by law – $35.00
  • RETURN DRAFT CHARGE As authorized by law – $35.00
  • DISCONNECT FEES – $300.00
  • LATE FEES – All balances not paid when due are subject to a ten percent (10%) surcharge.

Billing Policy

We must obtain the property owner’s name and we will only send bills to the property owner. The District recognizes the need for this procedure due to the fact than any and all unpaid charges will accrue against the property and may result in the District having to take action which would adversely affect the property owner and disrupt the tenant’s service. It is the decision between the owner and the tenant as to whom will be responsible for the payment of all charges.

 Billing Transfers and Changes

  1. To transfer property from one individual to another:
    If you wish to transfer property from one individual to another, we must have written confirmation of the transfer. A copy of the closing statement or transfer papers is acceptable.
  2. To transfer property at the time of a sale:
    The closing attorney should contact us prior to the sale of the property to insure that there are no outstanding balances or liens on the property. If the attorney contacts us they may give the new owners name and proposed closing date, however, the transfer will not be made until we receive a written confirmation of the actual sale of the property. We will record the name of the attorney, the new owner’s name, and any amounts quoted.
  3. To change legal name or mailing address:
    A written request must be submitted by the verified owner. This request can be in the form of a separate document or written on the space provided on the bill.

Returned Bills

The District is not responsible for misdirected mail or delays due to the postal service. Failure of owner to receive a bill does not relieve the customer of the obligation for payment nor from the consequences of non-payment.

If any bill is returned to us by the United States Postal Service as undeliverable due to an insufficient address or owner’s name, then the District will attempt to verify the information on file by visiting the property with one of our personnel.

Need Service?

Call Customer Service at (803) 788-1570 Ext 6008

How We Accept Payments

Please visit HOW TO PAY or CLICK HERE to pay electronically

Helpful Tips

Don’t pour grease or other foreign matter down the sewer. It is damaging to the equipment and causes backups and blockages in the lines, resulting in costly repairs both to the customers and to the District.

If you don’t have a back flow preventer valve installed in your sewer line, and damages occur due to a sewage backup into the home, the District may not be held responsible. At the homeowner’s expense, please have a plumber check your line.

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