What do I need to do if I have a sewer backup?
Please contact our 24 hour emergency number at (803) 788-6351.
How do I open or close an account?
Once you have bought/sold the property, you will need to send a copy of the closing statement showing the name of the new legal owner. You may send by email to, fax (803) 736-5399, mail or visit our office at 704 Ross Rd, Columbia, SC 29223.
Do I need a sewer back flow preventer?
Yes. All customers of East Richland County Public Service District must have a sewer back flow preventer valve installed on your sewer line up by your home/business. Sanitary sewers work by the force and principal of gravity. Wastewater flows in the direction of the natural slope of the pipe away from your home/business. When a stoppage occurs, water will travel back into your home/business. If damages occur due to a sewage backup in the home/business and no back flow valve is installed, the District wil not be held responsible. This valve must be installed at the owner's expense. Please contact a licensed & reputable plumber to have your line checked for a sewer back flow preventer valve and if necessary have one installed for your protection.
How do I submit an FOIA?
Send an email to with requested information. At a minimum, include your name, email, daytime phone, and information requested in the email. Please note the following charges apply to all FOIA requests and payment must be received prior to release of requested information. Minimum charge to pay costs for responding to all FOIA requests - $3.00 (paid upon receipt of records). Charge per page for hard copy of records - $0.20 per copy. Charge for staff time to search, retrieve, or redact records - $20.00 per hour, per employee. Charge for other media used to provide records - Actual cost of media to District. Deposit for anticipated or apparent staff time exceeding 5 hours - one quarter of estimated costs

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