Basin 16 Sewer Rehab Project
The Basin 16 Sewer Rehab Project is the initial project established by a long-term rehabilitation program for the District's collection system that started in fiscal year 2018 as a result of a flow study conducted by Frazier Engineering and a corresponding hydraulic model prepared by Hazen and Sawyer. The flow study/hydraulic model identified Basin 16 (the District's service area is divided into seventeen (17) topographic basins) as being the highest priority basin for sewer rehabilitation in the District's service area with high inflow and infiltration rates.
• The Basin 16 Rehab Project is a long-term project in itself with 22 sub-basins within Basin 16. The sub-basins were also prioritized for the "find and fix" approach to rehabilitating the collection system. All the manholes are visually inspected and all the pipes are videoed to determine if rehabilitation is required, and if so, which rehabilitation technique is necessary for improvement.
• Rehabilitation of the manholes include cementitious coating and partial replacement of (typically cones and chimneys) of the manholes.
• The Basin 16 Rehab Project is expected to be completed within the next 3 to 4 years at which time the rehabilitation work should begin in the next basin prioritized for inflow and infiltration rates.
• The Basin 16 Rehab Project is funded from fiscal year to fiscal year with unassigned reserves. The engineer's agreement is ongoing, and the contractor's agreement is renewable on an annual basis.

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