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The District discovered a defect in the 30-inch pipe immediately preceding the 54-inch pipe and authorized IT to line that pipe before they got started on the 54-inch pipe. IT is lining the 30-inch pipe the week of September 28th and will start lining the 54-inch pipe the week of October 5th.
• The bypass contractor will be completing the bypass piping during the week of September 21st and starting the bypass operation during the week of September 28th.
• The bypass operation contractor is stringing and fusing pipe down by Forest Lake from 120 Country Club Drive to the dam.
• The bypass operation contractor moved to Forest Place on August 18th and will fuse pipe and string it along the lower end of the project for the rest of the week. The contractor will move to Country Club Drive next week to work on the bypass pipe for the middle of the project.
• The bypass operation contractor will continue to fuse pipe and string it along Spring Lake Road during the week of August 10th
• June 29, 2020 is the Notice-To-Proceed date for the contractor, Insituform Technologies, LLC for this project. IT will start mobilizing equipment and piping for the bypass operation this week.

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